Jungle Gym / Pool Slides 

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Available in:

1.8m x 0.360m – R1 250.00

2.4m x 0.430m – R1 450.00

2.8m x 0.430m – R1 550.00

3.3m x 0.430m – R1 800.00


3m Anaconda – R2 650.00

  • 0.200m x 0.420m wide inner x 0.530m wide outer


3.1m Camel – R2 650.00

  • 0.100m x 0.400m wide inner x 0.530m wide outer


5m Half Pipe – R4 400.00

  • 0.240m x 0.400m wide inner x 0.500m wide outer


4.5m Half Tube  (Playstation) – R7 600.00

  • 0.470m x 0.700m wide 


All Jungle Gym Slides are manufactured in any colour of your choice.

An additional R200.00 will be charged for red or orange slides (1.8m to 3.3m) and an extra R350.00  (5m and supertube sections) as these colour pigments are more expensive.

*All prices are exclusive of VAT.


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